03 December 2013


Here's something I'm thankful for. 

I am so glad I've never been pregnant or had a baby when I've lived in another country.

No one has to go to the doctor for regular appointments.  No one needs anything special that's hard to find like decent diapers or baby food.  I've never dealt with being sick or exhausted for months on top of just living. 

I've never flown overseas when pregnant.  I've never flown overseas with a baby.  I've also never flown with lots of little children on my own.

I don't care if there's construction or a parrot outside because no one needs to take a nap. 

I've never had to fend off anyone who's lecturing me about how to take care of a baby.

I've never had weird diseases while breastfeeding. 

I am thankful for this almost every day because many of my international friends here and online are pregnant or giving birth and they remind me all the time of how grateful I am.

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