11 December 2013

Street Markets

Since I've had a hard time tracking down where all the different weekday tianguis are, here's a list of what I've found.  Don't think you can track me down because of this list because these aren't necessarily close to my house.  But if you're looking for a tianguis around Galerias in Zapopan, this should help. As always, if you get to any of these before 10, it'll be a little quieter.

Monday- This is on Inglaterra north of the train tracks just west of Patria.  Ingleterra unfortunately dead ends on its west end, so this one is a little inconvenient to walk to if you don't like to walk on Patria, which I don't.  You can cross the train tracks from Manni into the park if you are a little adventurous. This one doesn't have any traffic and it's an average-sized tianguis.

Tuesday- I just found this one this week after my favorite vegetable people at the Monday and Friday tianguis stuck a flyer in my bag saying they also sell at this one.  It's on Berlioz just east of Patria.  It runs along a road that has cars on it, but there wasn't much traffic.  It's also an average-sized tianguis for this area. And somehow, it felt a little different and more authentic.

Wednesday- This is the biggest tianguis around (or, at least, that I've found). Its eastern end is where Novelistas becomes Ramon Corona at Leroux.  It also doesn't have any traffic to deal with, although it can be a little crowded if you get there in the late morning.  I like to go to the western end because it feels a little more like a bazaar in Kyrgyzstan on that side.

Friday- This is a very small tianguis right on the train tracks on Enrique Gomez Carillo just east of Juan Palomar y Arias. I like this one even though most of my friends don't because of the traffic on Carillo. 

I think most of these stay open till around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but I've never been in the afternoon since it's hot then.  Some stands aren't quite set up at 9 sometimes.  I think going between 9 and 10 is perfect because it's not too hot usually, and it's not very crowded yet, but the vendors are there.

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  1. I am so jealous. I wish i was somewhere where it is too hot to go to the market in the afternoon.