19 December 2013

So this is boring, but I'm posting it anyway.  This is a typical day's shopping on a Thursday when there isn't a tianguis and I go to the closest little grocery store.  They have most everything there if I know what to ask for.  I've learned to pay attention to what other people buy from behind the counter so I can figure out what's hiding back there.  The woman who's at the counter most mornings just tolerates me and my cluelessness, but she'll survive me.  At least she's gotten past rolling her eyes when I don't want a plastic bag and now just lets me pack up my own stuff.

Except for the fruit which I bought from the fruit guy, this cost a few cents more than $10.  There are two half gallons of milk, grapefruit, a little more than a kilo of cucumbers, a slab of cotija cheese, a stack of nopal tortillas, and a container of tomatillo salsa. The cotija, tortillas, and salsa will all come together with some tomatoes and jocoque tomorrow for some amazing and somewhat untraditional chilaquiles.

Tomorrow is a tianguis day so I'll probably post what I buy there.  Fridays are mostly just vegetables though unless something else jumps out at me.  The Wednesday tianguis is more exciting.

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