19 December 2013

Mexican Hot Chocolate

I finally bought some Mexican chocolate and the youngest wouldn't leave it alone when he discovered it on the counter (it's my own fault).  So we made hot chocolate with it, and I'll try champurrado soon.  The youngest and I loved the hot chocolate, the oldest thought it was weird, and the middle was open to it.  I used the very easy system of whipping it up in the blender and it was frothy and perfect. I used Abuelita this time and I have some Ibarra to compare it with.

I keep feeling slightly annoyed that I am starting on another new list of ingredients that I love that I won't be able to find anywhere else, at least not very easily.


  1. You can get Abuelita in the states pretty easily (though probably not in other countries that you'll live in!) We have chocolate from cacao grown in Guatemala that has made awesome hot chocolate.

    I love that you are really enjoying living in Mexico.

  2. Yeah, it's easy to find in the US (although I never got around to buying it there), but in Tashkent? Not so much. I also know there's a lot more out there than Abuelita and Ibarra tablets, so there's still a lot more experimenting to do.

  3. And Mexico is the best.