31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

So here are last year's predictions/hopes for the new year:

Go to the ocean
Colonial Williamsburg
Explore, explore, explore 
Read more
Great homeschooling year
Camp more
Hike more
Play more

We went to the ocean and Colonial Williamsburg before leaving Virginia.  This has been one of my best exploring years, although I explored different places than I'd planned on.  I don't know if I read more though. I've finally accepted the fact that since Tokmok my current hobby is cooking, not reading, even though I still am always reading- it just doesn't dominate my life like it used to.  Food, however, does, and Mexico is the perfect place for that.

It was hard to make a reasonable list last year.  My husband had a job interview scheduled less than two weeks later that I knew could totally change everything if he got the job. And he aced the interview, got a job offer in record time (for this job), and we had moved less than three months later which was not the plan. And then we were off to Mexico 6 months later. Even at my most optimistic a year ago, I didn't think we could be in a new country by now

So this year should be much easier.  And can I point out that it will be the first year we haven't moved since I starting blogging 9 years ago?

Go to the ocean
Go to the mountains
Know where we're going next
Trip to the US or somewhere else
I suppose I should learn Spanish

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