05 December 2013

Cooking Mexican

I told my mother a few weeks ago that I probably wouldn't make lots of new food here because it's so easy to just buy delicious food everywhere. But I lied.  One of Diana Kennedy's Mexican cookbooks was just released as an ebook and I can't help but try things out.

Mostly I'm just reading now so I know what I'm doing at the tianguis.  I went with an Italian friend yesterday who loves to cook (truly, she is amazing, and even though she doesn't speak much Spanish either, she gets a lot further with Italian than I do with Russian or English) and we poked around there for an hour.

I picked up some adobera and Oaxaca cheese, and they were also scooping up what turned out to be jocoque.  It was lovely to know what I was, so I have some in the fridge now to turn into dinner tonight.

We both got some zucchini flowers.  I think I've used them sometime, but I'm not sure.  Last night I made quesadillas with them which were delicious and I'll post the recipe later.
I also bought some nopales so I could experiment with them.  Today I got some poblanos to make rajas to go with the jocoque, and we'll have a nopales salad. 

And my friend got a mountain of potatoes because she's having a gnocchi fest in a few days.  Since my husband is a gnocchi expert after living in Uruguay, we've been enlisted to help make them. Last night we also had mohinga which is really easy to make here. I'm definitely living in the right place.

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