24 December 2013

Christmas Stockings

We don't have a lovely matching set of stockings that we hang up at Christmas.  Instead, we have an collection we've picked up over the years and the boys choose which stocking they'll use that year on Christmas Eve.
We got these in Kyrgyzstan the first time.

And a friend in Kyrgyzstan gave us these.

Most of these are in sets of two because we had two children for a long time.  I made these when the boys were little.  They look odd, especially because of the angles and wrinkles, but it's nice to have space at the bottom, which was the point.
We didn't have stockings with us in Kyrgyzstan, but we found these that were perfect.  You can't get much in them, but I don't care. 

This is also from Kyrgyzstan the second time and is one of my favorites.  We looked around TsUM for a long time to find an Uzbek-style stocking we liked.

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  1. These are so much fun. I love the pointy toes.