23 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

Since I'm not entirely certain any of my regular stores will be open today or tomorrow, I had to buy lots of food today.  And I also went to the Monday tianguis.
 This is from my most regular store.  It costs 138 pesos or about $11, depending on the exchange rate.  I also got two half gallons of milk. The green things are a stack of nopal tortillas, there's a kilo of eggs, a liter of fresh grapefruit juice (had to get that since the fruit guy wasn't there today), and a stack of of my favorite tostadas. I'm glad I got used to buying eggs in bags in Kyrgyzstan so the only unusual thing about it here is buying them by weight instead of number. I could, of course, buy eggs in cartons at the grocery stores, or Walmart, or Costco.

 These tostadas are from the tianguis.  They were 20 pesos or about $1.50.

 This is also from the tianguis, from the nice dairy couple.  There are lots of whole wheat tortillas, hot handmade tortillas, cajeta, a block of adobera cheese, chorizo, and crema and jocoque.  The jocoque is the smaller one. This was 195 pesos or $15, which is more than usual since I bought chorizo.

This is how you buy salsa in the tianguis.  They have the salsas in cups and you choose what you want and they dump them in bags for you to take home and hope you don't make a mess.  They are 15 pesos each, or about $1.25.  I usually buy salsas at my regular store though in containers like the jocoque is in above.

And I always transfer the salsas immediately.  You also gets salsas everywhere when you buy street food, so we usually have some leftovers in the fridge too.

These are the vegetables.  They cost $8.  There's a little under two pounds each of the onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and poblanos.  The avocados are sold by the kilo instead individually like they usually are in the US.  The other green is called romerito and I haven't tried it yet. There's half a kilo.  There are a couple of traditional dishes it's used in at Christmas (and Lent, apparently), so it appeared recently.  I'm not sure if I'm up to making either of those dishes, but I've read that it's a versatile green, so I'm thinking I might be totally nontraditional and use it in this recipe.

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  1. That looks seriously yummy. I WANT some of that salsa. Have a very merry Christmas :)