27 December 2013


Since we're in Mexico, we have old tortillas.  And since we have old tortillas, we make chilaquiles.  I use the jocoque sauce which isn't traditional, but it's delicious.

All you need is the jocoque sauce, some dried out tortillas, and some cheese.  If your tortillas are still soft, cut them up and put them in the oven.  They don't need to be hard, but they should at least be leathery.  Whatever you have, cut them into bite-sized pieces.  Fry them in a bit of oil, add the sauce and stir to coat the chilaquiles.  How much sauce you use depends on your taste.  You can let them sog up a bit, but we like them to have a little more texture, so we coat the tortillas liberally with sauce, let it cook for a minute, and then eat it.  Crumble on some cotija, or adobera, or oaxaca (we've done all three), or you can use cheddar or jack or mozz.

These are traditionally a breakfast thing, but we like them for dinner with some salsa and maybe some beans and avocado.

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