08 November 2013


The rest of the stuff showed up a couple of days ago.  The movers rearranged the furniture, brought all the stuff inside and hauled it up and down stairs, and then came back the next day to take all the boxes away. They would have stayed to unpack, but that would have driven me nuts.

I was dreading having the stuff come because I couldn't really think of much else we needed, but I was pleasantly surprised that I had shipped practical things and not too much of anything so I was entirely unpacked the same evening and finished organizing the next morning.  There are a couple of things we need to get rid of since I didn't know what furniture we'd have here, but it's really been very easy.

Except that I was focused on unpacking and forgot about my son's squash lesson and we forgot another big event we were supposed to go to, but that's what happens.  We also discovered that the money we'd set aside for a tip for the movers had already been picked up by the movers when we went to get it.  But everything else was here and someone in that moving van had the tip. Hope he shared.

We also seem to be missing the screws for all the bookcases and shelves which ought to be a major problem.  We also have the bunkbed screws even though we didn't ship the bunkbed.  But in a lucky coincidence, the bunkbed screws work in the bookcase I wanted to set up, so we're good. If the other shelves never get put together, it won't matter much because there is a huge amount of storage space in this house.

I know people say moving with movers is still hard, but it is so much easier than the other way. I could move another 20 times with this system. ;)

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