01 November 2013

Queremos Halloween!

Halloween in Mexico was lots of fun.  Our neighborhood had tons of trick-or-treaters because Halloween is always getting more popular here. And really, who wouldn't want to adopt a holiday where little children can dress up, run around in the dark, and get lots of candy?  We didn't have quite as many trick-or-treaters as I'd hoped, though, because our house is just a little bit isolated and the circuit breaker for the front porch lights tripped while I was outside so lots of people skipped us despite my attempts to entice people over in broken Spanish.

But I really shouldn't call them trick-or-treaters, because they say "Queremos Halloween!" here.  They chant it as they're coming to your house (get the accent on the "re" and you'll get close to the chant).  The kids were all so polite and cute.  Exactly what Halloween should be.

Another benefit to Halloween here?  Candy in other countries rarely appeals to me, so I'm not even tempted to pick through my children's stashes. It's not even worth trying different things to find what's good.  It all looks like the less desirable treats that are left at the bottom of the bag a week or two after Halloween.

And today it's Samhain and tomorrow is the Day of the Dead.  Perfect.

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