04 November 2013

Panteon de Mezquitan

We got to the main city cemetery at about 12 and things were just getting started.  A few graves had already been decorated and many, many families were entering the cemetery.  The graves are often decorated like the altars in people's homes.  The family cleans the grave, decorates it, and often eats there too.  I loved being in the cemetery on Saturday.

You'll see lots of cempasuchil flowers.  It's very common to use the petals to decorate the graves.  A friend of ours who has spent a lot of time researching traditional Native American music told us that the ground will be covered with petals in parts of Mexico for the Day of the Dead.  It really is a beautiful holiday.

Noon is not the best time for taking photos.


  1. I realized after I sent my first comment and went back to look at your pictures, how much I miss the colours and smells of Africa.
    I really miss Africa.
    That's the trouble with having lived in many places: if you are not careful there always seems to be a place to miss... a home lost, a cooking ingredient not available etc etc.
    I guess the trick is to concentrate on the place where you are, the home harboring you now, the ingredients you can get that you couldn't in other places and all that.

  2. I remember when we visited China while we were living in Kyrgyzstan the first time. It was so colorful! I feel the same way about Mexico. Central Asia is great, but it is drab.

    It is hard sometimes to focus on the place you live when you've loved so many other places. Sometimes I miss Jerusalem so much it hurts.