12 November 2013

Guadalajara from the 35th Floor

We had to drive out of town this weekend, so we rented a car.  While we were waiting for the car to arrive from the airport, we checked out a really tall hotel.  I hadn't been up high in Guadalajara yet, so it was really nice to finally see where I am.

The car rental didn't quite go as planned.  We were able to go out to Chapala, but on the way home the brakes weren't working, and then the finally quit as we got into Guadalajara.  We managed to stop on the side of the road a few miles from the rental office.  And, of course, the brakes were working when they got there since they'd been pumped quite a bit.  I'm glad to see the end of that car and will be delighted to have our own car in a few weeks so we can get out more.

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