25 November 2013


So have I mentioned the car is here?  Most of the family went camping the day after it arrived and there are so many more options for exploring.  We went to Guachimontones yesterday afternoon. And we never took a wrong turn, not even once.  Navigating in another country is an adventure.

It takes about an hour to drive to Teuchitlan from Zapopan, so if you're starting in Guadalajara it would take a little longer, especially if there's any traffic.  The easiest way to know how to get there are to follow the signs for Hacienda El Carmen.  That place had plenty of signs and it's just a little beyond the pyramids, so it'll get you there. There are a few signs for Teuchitlan/Guachimontones on the way too.

Some people say these are the only circular pyramids in the world, but they're not.  They are pretty unique though.  There's a nice visitor center than costs 30 pesos each if you want to stop there, or you can just walk up to the pyramids.  I thought the visitor center was very interesting and worth visiting, especially since they gave me a pack of cards to translate all the exhibits.  There's also a 20 minute video in Spanish that was good (although a little dicey in spots if you're prone to motion sickness).

One pyramid complex has been restored, but the biggest one hasn't been, although they let you climb on top of it.  There are lots and lots of interpretative signs all over the site and most are in English.

If you climb the big pyramid, try having someone stand on the restored platform below.  If you stop about 3/4 of the way up, you can easily talk to each other in normal voices even though you're not close to each other.

Teuchitlan is a nice little typical Mexican town that's worth exploring too.

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