11 October 2013

So I know I'm always going on about this, but there are big changes with being a different type of expat.  As I've said before, we're not even close to highly-compensated expat-ness, but we're ever so much better off than we were in Tokmok. And some of those changes make me uncomfortable.

The international school is bending over backward to get our son enrolled. We have other friends who have been told the school is full, and it is. The only difference is my husband's job. While I am very glad we're able to get him into school after the year has started (I wasn't at all comfortable choosing a school without seeing it, so I couldn't commit to one- besides, we'd probably have needed more than the few months' notice we had anyway), I'm also not comfortable getting preferred this way. There are many expats who need this kind of flexibility, but it isn't there.

I don't like the taxis to drop me off in front of my house.  While it is true that this house really is fairly typical for a suburban American home (except all those bathrooms) in size and appliances and such, it's certainly not typical for middle-class Mexico. I was a lot happier getting dropped off at our little house in Tokmok, or our apartment building that was like everyone else's in Bishkek.  So I ask to get dropped off on the main road.

But when I've walked to the main road, and down to the produce market, or to the fish store, or the bakery, I could be any old expat (and I'm obviously one).  I could live in a small house, or a big house, or an apartment, or whatever.  I can just be me.

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