29 October 2013

Small Quirks

We've lived in lots of different houses and it's always an adventure to find out what's quirky about each.  Some of those quirks are dangerous, a challenge, a minor irritation, or an adventure. This house's quirks fall into the minor irritation (or just bemusement, which I have never used in a sentence I don't think), at least so far.

I have to go out the front door to get to the laundry room.  It's sort of odd carrying the laundry outside, especially in this neighborhood (even the back door would be less weird), but it all gets clean in the end.

There's an odd pipe in one of the rooms downstairs.  It looks exactly like a drainage pipe, but who drains the roof into the guest room?  Apparently this house does.  We had a huge storm last night (really, it was wonderful) and this morning there was a small pool of water under the pipe.

There was a much larger pool of water in the laundry room.  The whole thing was entirely flooded, and it wasn't a clogged drain.  There wasn't anywhere for the water to go.  So I moved the stored luggage into the shower that never gets used and it can flood all it wants because it's just tile.

Speaking of the tile, that's probably a major irritation.  I will never, ever install all white tile in any house I build.  And I still of 23 more months of mopping it. And if we live in Latin America again someday, I'll probably get the tile back.

This hasn't been a problem yet, but I've been warned to run water down our many unused drains to get rid of roaches.  This always makes me want to sing the "La Cucaracha" song when I'm turning on the water.  Also, I've been warned the pilot light on the water heater goes out when it's windy.  But that's better than our neighbors whose pilot light goes out when it rains because the water heater is on the roof.

But it really is a lovely house in nearly every way.  It's been years since we had plenty of space for everything and everyone.


  1. Re: the roaches, we put bags of rice over the drains in our house during the night when we lived in the Philippines, to prevent roaches coming out during the night. So that's another option (or sandbags, if you live near the beach).

  2. I'm thinking that we'll do something to cover the drains if we start to see roaches in the house. If they're here, I'm not seeing them, so we're all good so far.