09 October 2013

Grocery Shopping

I'm starting to feel testy because nearly all of the grocery shopping I've done here hasn't been very interesting.  I've been to Superama twice and Walmart and Costco once.  

Superama is a grocery store that I think is owned by the Walmart people.  It has lots of Walmart brands and isn't really cheap. Walmart felt vaguely familiar but it was definitely a Mexican version, not a translation of an American Walmart.  

Costco, however, felt very much like going into a Costco in the US and just having everything in Spanish.  Many of the food products were the exact same. It was lovely to pick up a bag of jasmine rice though, since Asian groceries aren't exactly common here.

All these stores have been really convenient for this first week of shopping since I feel so much better when there's food on the shelves and the house is organized.  And Walmart is really helpful because you can get such a wide variety of things there. But their prices are similar to the less expensive grocery stores in DC, so really not that cheap. And I really didn't move to another country to have a US shopping experience, even if it is in Spanish.

So I'm starting to find the sorts of places I prefer to shop.  There's a weekly produce market nearby that I hope will be a good source for fruits and vegetables all year.  There's also a huge market near downtown Guadalajara that sounds like it's nearly perfect.  I'd be delighted to go there once a week too, but I don't know if that will be practical because it's much too far to walk to.

There are people selling cut-up fruit on the corners here. A liter of chopped mango cost about $1.60, and it was perfect.  I can also buy a liter of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.  And there are several bakeries around, although they mostly sell pastries and things we don't eat much. But I can bake my own bread. And there's a fish store down the street.  Things are shaping up for a lovely walk every morning to buy what we need that day.  

I did find a little store that I'm hoping will become my basic store with all sorts of staples. It's not too far away, it's just the right size, the people were friendly (of course, everyone is friendly here), and it's just itself, not trying to impress anyone.

So even though grocery shopping has been a chore so far, I'm really hopeful that it will be fun very soon. And not so expensive!

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  1. Perfect chopped fresh mango and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. You must be a happy woman.