22 October 2013

Food, Again

So after being in Mexico for a few weeks I'm realizing that I was really determined to love Kyrgyzstan.  And everyone should love Central Asia, but it's sure a lot easier to love Mexico. Here are a few more reasons.

Tamales.  I've always loved tamales, but they're better here.  I also tried Oaxaca tamales (but they're also made this way in other parts of southern Mexico) wrapped in banana leaves which were much more moist.  There's a woman near our house who sells tamales every night and I can't decide which kind is my favorite, except I haven't been brave enough to try the sweet ones with pineapple or strawberries.

Gorditas de nata.  Nata is clotted cream (although I'm not convinced that these are actually made with clotted cream instead of regular cream or milk or butter) and these are a little like Mormon scones.  They're especially good hot off the comal.  Lots of people were selling them at Morelos Park.  They'd also make good soul cakes.

Champurrado.  This is the chocolatey drink I had after the Romeria with my tamales.  And it's popular around the Day of the Dead and Los Posadas, so I'll get it again soon. I also had a different chocolatey drink today made with milk.  It was sort of like a Frosty. I don't think it was really Mexican, but it was good.

Tianguis.  One tianguis, two tianguis, many tianguis.  I'm talking about many of them because I can go three days a week to these markets and get almost everything I need.  There are potted plants, fish, chicken, produce, tacos, tortillas, stuff that's like dulce de leche, salsas, lime presses, and a bazillion other things I haven't tried yet.  This is the best incentive for speaking Spanish better.

And the milk I was always, always trying to find in Kyrgyzstan?  I can buy it at any old store.


  1. Oh! Try a pineapple tamale! Yum. I mean, the one I had was almost certainly a pretty inferior specimen, but it was still yummy.

  2. I'll think about it, Jean. :)

  3. I expect the tamales are better than the HEB ones we bought at the Woodlands?

  4. I love Mexican food... so envious!