21 October 2013

Exploring Guadalajara

Yesterday's exploring started at Mexico and Chapultepec after we visited the Asian stores.  Our end goal was Morelos Park, so we sort of wandered through downtown Guadalajara to get there.  There are many churches and other interesting buildings along the way.  I think there will be at least several more Saturdays spent there.

Our first big stop was on Lopez Cotilla and Enrique Diaz de Leon at the University of Guadalajara, the art museum, and the Expiatory Church.  All were interesting, but the church was one of my favorite ever.  It's only a little more than 100 years old and it's neo-Gothic, but it was beautiful.  Photos coming.  Also, I was really impressed with the paintings of the stations of the cross.

We continued on our way, stopping for a bazillion photos and at the church on San Felipe.  It was still decorated outside with blue and white for the visit of the Image of the Virgin of Zapopan on October 8th.  And we stopped at several other churches.  I like the doorways of many because you don't walk directly in, but first go inside a small room (my husband would know the real names) and then into the church.  It gives you a moment to readjust from the noise and brightness of the street to the quiet of the church.

The main Cathedral of Guadalajara was another stop.  We both liked it (although not as much as the Expiatory Church).  There was a lot to see, both inside and outside the building.

Our last stop was Morelos Park for the Day of the Dead market.  It was awesome.  I'll post some photos later because that's the best way to describe it.  And I'll do at least an entire post of its own on  Dia de los Muertos. 

And then we went home.  

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