17 October 2013

Answering Machines

I'm not a big fan of answering machines except when I'm not living in the US.  And I've never had one then.  If I did, I'd have a message that goes something like this.

First, it would say in the language of the country I'm in that this is the [__] family, so if you're not looking for one of us, you have the wrong number and it's time to hang up.  This would weed out well over half the calls, and sometimes nearly all of them. Just like in Bishkek, we get far more wrong numbers than right ones.  The blessed phone never rang in Tokmok.

Next, it would say that if you only speak the language of the country I'm living in, hang up and email or text me.  I'd pay you back double for any fees for doing so, and even email you back. I can have a nice conversation in Spanish or Russian by email, thank you. 

Then you'd have the option of actually having the phone ring if you speak to me in English. I'd still have the option of not answering it. And would probably exercise it. But I'd be a lot more likely to pick up the phone if I knew I wasn't going to have to navigate a language minefield every time I touched it.

Email is the best. Even if we all speak English.

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  1. This makes me smile. Probably because Lonn thinks it's so wierd that I never want to answer our home phone.