07 August 2013

Wisconsin Cheese or Why I Quit Blogging

I sort of disappeared.  I don't think I've ever gone more than a month without blogging.

But a lot of that time was spent in lovely Wisconsin.  There are lots of good things about Wisconsin, especially my sister's family who lives there, but what I want to write about is the ice cream and cheese.  I am pretty sure I only missed one day of eating ice cream in the entire two weeks I was there.  And there was lots of fresh cheese curd.

But I didn't try Blue Moon ice cream.  I'm sorry, but bright blue Fruit Loop flavored ice cream isn't my thing.  They also had other unique flavors that I had to have explained to me.  I skipped the Superman ice cream too.

And the cheese.  There is a cheese factory along the road where I drove often so I'd stop to get something interesting for dinner.  We had some amazing pasta with aged gouda and fresh mozzarella.  So good.  And Wisconsin has a lovely Italian sharp cheese that turned out to be really good.

Then I stocked up for the rest of the time we're in the US.  We didn't love their 1-year and 4-year aged cheddars, but their 7-year aged cheddar was amazing. That was obviously the most expensive, so we got a smallish hunk of it.

And there's gorgonzola, brie, habenero jack, parmesan, gouda, kasseri, feta, and mozzarella.  And butter.  I think that's everything.

I suppose I'll have to blog again since the ice cream here just doesn't come close to what I could get in Wisconsin.

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