21 August 2013

Stuff That Doesn't Deserve Its Own Post

I needed a new yogurt starter recently and decided to try buying yogurt instead of using the powdered starter (the first batch using my usual starter is so mild that none of us can stand it).  Since Greek yogurt is the thing, that's what I ended up with.  I almost never buy yogurt, and I'd never bought Greek yogurt before, partly because the name drives me nuts, but I got some Chobani.  I wasn't very impressed.  I thought it has been strained a bit too long and it really didn't have much flavor.

I keep running into people who tell me that don't eat vegetables when they're overseas.  This boggles my mind, but I finally figured out that all these people only eat raw vegetables. Sure, I didn't eat lots of raw vegetables in Kyrgyzstan, but there's a whole world of cooked vegetables out there that's delicious. And you have to eat an awful lot of spinach salad to get a decent serving of greens.

In relation to that, my middle son was reading the package info on his typhoid vaccine (apparently he lost the lottery three years ago when he ended up getting the two-year typhoid injection instead of the 5-year oral vaccine the rest of us got since there weren't enough doses to go around- I imagine this makes me a not very nice mother, although I have no recollection of his being the one who had to do it) and decided that life would be boring overseas if you followed all the rules for avoiding typhoid.

The ataulfo mango season is over. But there are mangoes in Mexico.

We talked to a friend from a few cities ago last night.  She's been all over Mexico for research and is probably moving to Guadalajara too.  It was so nice to hear her talk about Guadalajara since her perspective is totally different from what we've been getting from the people we've had access to so far.  But it was also the first time we've had to tell someone about how much different things will be for us now.

I was dreading summer in DC, but it has been amazingly pleasant.  Sure, there are plenty of hot days, but there have been few unbearable days, and we even had the windows open for an entire week.  In August.  In DC. In a seventh floor apartment. Really.  I think it must be some sort of record.


  1. It has been a pleasant summer this year.

    I've tried all the major brands as starter (Chobani, Fage, etc.) but my favorite, surprisingly, is Stonyfield Farm. The yogurts all list the same bacteria, but there's a definite difference in flavor.

    I can't recall if you've ever mentioned making kefir. I haven't been brave enough to try that.

  2. I've done kefir from powdered starters, but never with grains. Keeping them alive is too much hassle right now. And most of the family doesn't love kefir even if I do.