27 August 2013

DC Wanderings

I've really loved living in DC for the last few months.  I haven't gone into the District very much in the last month or two because of the crowds and the heat (although it really hasn't been too hot most of the time), but we've still gone in a few times and we'll go more now that school is starting.

Anyway, Saturday's trip was totally unique, but also totally expected for Washington.  We ran into a student from the university in Tokmok who recognized us. We'd been talking about Uzbek when she introduced herself, so we first thought she'd overheard us (and really, who talks about Uzbek on the metro?), but she recognized us from Tokmok.  It was so fun and random to talk to someone from Tokmok.

Then we went to Eastern Market which is one of my favorite places in DC, especially on summer Saturday mornings before it gets too hot.  We went to the Central Asia cool stuff store first, of course, and then into Eastern Market itself which reminds me of Bishkek City, then wandered around the craft stalls (I had to avoid the vegetables because I would have spend all my money there and then had to carry everything home) where we found some interesting old maps of Central Asia and Mexico.  And got some ideas for framing them in Mexico.

And then we walked back toward the Lincoln Memorial because it was the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  That was one of the best things we've done in DC.   We saw a few people who'd been there 50 years ago- one even had the sign he'd held then.  It really was an amazing experience.

The metro driver was great with the crowds.  It's always fun when you get a driver with character and this one had a lot.  And there was a friendly feeling on the train anyway because so many were going into DC for the anniversary.  

I wish we lived closer to Washington.  If we ever get to come back here for at least a year, I'd love to live right in DC.

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