19 August 2013

A New Sort of Place to Live

We've moved into lots of houses where we'd just seen photos of the place- I think I just counted up seven.  It's worked out fine, although I didn't exactly notice that our house in Tokmok had no kitchen plumbing or that the house in Charlottesville seriously lacked kitchen cupboards and drawers (I was just glad for a sink by that point).

We've also moved into places where, even though we've seen it before, we didn't have much choice about where we lived.  That's worked out fine even it's nice to pick your own place.

Our house in Mexico is going to be our typical international scenario in some ways- we didn't choose it, and the first time we'll see it is when we arrive from the airport to live there for years.  It has a front door and windows and a heating system and all that good stuff.

But it's also not going to be typical because:

There are enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own room.  I don't think I've admitted it before here, but my five-year-old has always slept in the corner of our bedroom or in our closet. Always.  Because there was no other option.

There is a dishwasher. I'm still getting used to having a dishwasher in the US.  It feels like I don't even have to do the dishes when I can just stick them all in a machine and push a button. I don't really  mind doing the dishes, but I use the dishwasher.

There is a dryer.  I won't use that.  We haven't owned a dryer in eight years and even when we rent a place with one, I don't use it.  Dryers are not as fun as dishwashers.

There are about a million toilets that could potentially need to be cleaned.  Fortunately only one person in this family is not old enough to clean a toilet. Everyone else knows that he has to clean any toilet he uses, thank you very much.

There are miles of floors to be cleaned.  We will need an army of dust moppers in addition to toilet-cleaners. The five-year-old will be enlisted.

Those floors also have nothing on them, nor do the walls.  Visitors should bring sunglasses since both are quite white.

There is a yard, although it's tiny and boring.  Tokmok will always win in the yard competition.  There were fruit trees, a huge garden, stray chickens from the neighbor's yard, a swing, places to dry clothes, an outhouse, a qazan, room to build a fire, a scythe, a summer kitchen, a huge patio for broom hockey, grape vines everywhere for shade, lots of roses, a well, a compost pile, and a huge gate.  And probably more.  And we used all that, except we left the chickens alone. They would have been free range though. This is not supposed to be about Tokmok though.

Anyway, it looks like a new sort of adventure.  One that involves much cleaning but less sweating (because there's an air conditioner!)

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