02 July 2013


Forgot to put this in the last post.

So, Edward Snowden.  His actions are hopefully going to get an important conversation started about how far we want the US government to go to keep us safe.  That conversation is really overdue.

But.  Too many of the people who are useful in having that conversation aren't supposed to talk about it, or at least have big holes in what they're able to say. That's hardly helpful.  And, as we can see, talking about it gets you in lots of trouble. I'm not sold that Snowden's actions are going to change anything.

I'm not a big of fan what Snowden has been up to recently though. Asking for asylum from Russia?  When you're concerned about your government spying on its citizens?  I suppose Russia is different at least, because everyone there knows the government is spying on you.  And what about the fair trial he's worried about in the US?  Russia doesn't have a stellar record there either.

Of course, at this point I'd be willing to do almost anything to get out of that airport.  I don't like that airport.

I'm also not comfortable with the idea that he took the job at the NSA to collect evidence, especially since he took all the evidence to journalists and only to journalists, apparently.  How are they going to fix anything?  They can talk all they want, but that's unlikely to change policy.

And going to China and Russia with laptops full of confidential data?  When everyone knows you have them?  Maybe it's only the stuff he's been telling journalists, but whatever it is, it isn't a secret anymore.


  1. Well, he's applied for asylum in over 20 countries. I don't think his asylum application to Russia is so much a statement as just a bid for survival. His options are getting thin.

  2. Good point about his options, although it's no surprise his options are thin. Taking him in would annoy the US, and I don't think there are any countries who'd want one of their citizens doing what Snowden did, even if it wouldn't make international headlines.

    I guess he seems pretty clueless that the US would get so mad about this- maybe he should have gotten in touch with Assange earlier. It almost feels that becase he thought he was doing what was morally right (and he very well may have been), that everything would be okay.