01 July 2013

Odds and Ends

There are typos in this post, but it's way more hassle than it's worth to fix them on the iPad.

If you're famous and flying off for many, many hours to a country you've never heard of, like Turkmenistan, maybe you should google it first.  Then you'd know that people wouldn't think it was a great idea to sing happy birthday to the president.  Honestly, even if you don't know, someone who works for you ought to be at least slightly interested in learning something about the place you're going.  Even the most basic google search is going to pull up plenty of red flags about Turkmenistan.

Banh mi.  100 yards from my house. But it still tastes good if I make it at home.

I know it's hot in the western US, and I'm sorry if you're there, and I know a lot of people here who are tired of the rain, but I've been so glad that it hasn't been horribly hot here yet.  It's so nice to get to July and not be totally sick of summer.  Go rain!

It turns out that minivans are totally doable in Guadalajara.  It seemed like they should be.

Goodbye Google Reader.  We've been friends for a long time, but it seems like Feedly is a great replacement since I don't need anything special. Just don't get rid of Blogger.

And for all the people who think it isn't possible, clothes will dry just fine when the humidity outside is 90%.  They also dry in the rain un Seattle.  What I've never been able to figure out are the people who insist that a dryer is necessary in certain climates. What do they think people did before dryers?

I wish there were something amazing to do for the Fourth of July in DC that didn't involves thousands of other people thinking it was great too.

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