03 July 2013

Burma: Rivers of Flavor

I think I have nearly exhausted the possibilities of this book; there are just a few more recipes I want to try, at least for dinner.

I have liked nearly everything very much.  There are only a few I haven't made again, and the starred ones are my very favorites

 I love this book.

Fried shallots 24
Red chile oil 25
Dried shrimp powder 30
Toasted chickpea flour 32
Chopped roasted peanuts 35
Chile-garlic sauce 36
Fermented soybean paste 39
Soybean disks 40
Spinach and tomato salad 44
Succulent grapefruit salad 45
Tender greens salad with shallots 49
*Long bean salad with peanuts 50
Roasted eggplant salad 56
*Carrot salad 62
*Green mango salad 63
*Fish cake salad with cabbage 70
Chicken salad rof 72
Silky Shan soup 94
Chickpea soup with lemongrass and ginger 97
Okra shallot stir-fry 102
Tamarind pumpkin curry 103
Broccoli rabe with a hint of pork 108
Simmered cabbage, Shan style 116
Eggplant delight 120
Easy coriander tomato omelet 121
Golden egg curry 122
Paneer in tomato sauce 124
Pale yellow Shan tofu 126
*Deep-fried Shan tofu 128
Fish cakes and fish balls 133
Fluffy lemongrass fish 138
Kachin carp curry 142
Fish stew with aromatics 145
*Chile-oil fish 152
Chicken in tart garlic sauce 162
Tamarind sauce 205
Standout tomato chutney 206
*Everyday cabbage-shallot refresher 220
Inle Lake rice with garlic oil 233
Peanut and rice porridge 234
Perfumed coconut rice 237
*Egg noodles with pork in coconut sauce 248
Coconut sauce noodles 251
*West coast mohinga 256
Rangoon mohinga 260
Shan village khaut swe 266
Mandalay noodles with chicken curry 270
Deep forest monklets' sticky rice cake 279

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