14 June 2013

Crystal City Water Park

When we first moved to northern Virginia a few months ago, we lived in Crystal City.  The best thing there was the little water park, and the best thing about the water park is the stand selling food. Turns out it's one of the few places outside Egypt that you can get koshari.  The owner is from Alexandria so he makes a more toned-down version than we had in Cairo, but it was fun to eat koshari that someone else had made.  He also does good shwarma and hummus and I love the labna wraps.


  1. Labna wraps?!?! I never knew. Was the bread freshly made? Were there cucumbers, greens, tomatoes and mint with the labna? Did they cost one dollar? YUM.

  2. No greens or mint, and the bread was not fresh. Still good, even though it cost more than a dollar.