15 May 2013

DC Farmers Market

If Eastern Market feels like Bishkek City or the produce stalls at a bazaar, the market off Florida Avenue felt like the container section.  It's optimistically called DC Farmers Market in some places, but I think Florida Avenue Market is a better name.  Most of it is wholesale, but there are a reasonable number of places that are retail too.  If you're looking for something you can't find elsewhere, I think this is a good place to try.  There really is a wide variety of stuff tucked away if you're willing to poke around. 

I was a little closer to the edge of my comfort level here that I usually am.  But I'll definitely go back on my own again.

Eastern Market

I couldn't believe how much it felt like I was walking in Bishkek City (the market in Bishkek, not Bishkek itself) when I visited Eastern Market.  I'd seen it compared to other public markets in the US, but it didn't feel anything like Pike Place Market. 

I was there on a Tuesday and it was an election day so things were focused on that, but I'll trek over there again if only to feel like I'm in Bishkek.

The Octagon House

A lot of interesting places in my interesting guidebook aren't open anymore, but the Octagon House is.  I don't know why it's called that since it isn't actually an octagon, but it's a good place to visit for lots of reasons.  There's official American history- the Treaty of Ghent was signed there because the Madisons lived there after the White House was burned.  There's architecture- it's a federal-style building that is now owned by the American Institute of Architects.  There's family history- the Tayloe family lived here for years.  There's lots of other history too, especially in the 50-year gap between the time the Tayloes moved out and the AIA took over.  And it's even haunted. 

And they let you wander around as you please.  You can download several mp3 tours, or they have a nice brochure that tells about all the different rooms.