10 April 2013

Fort Ward

Since we're only in DC for a short while, we're getting out as much as possible while we're here.  I won't blog typical stuff like the standard Smithsonian museums and the monuments unless there's some amazing reason to, but I do want to write about less well-known things we happen to find.

My nephew was visiting last week, and in addition to all the typical stuff, we went to Fort Ward because I wanted to get him to a Civil War site since he's always lived in the western US.

Fort Ward was part of the defenses surrounding Washington during the Civil War and so is obviously a Northern site.  That was a change after seeing Confederate sites for the last year around Charlottesville.  There's a small but interesting and free museum, and then you can walk around the fort, including a corner of it that has been reconstructed.

It turned out to be the perfect place for our group to go since there was room to run around, some walking (but not too much) involved, and some history too.  We had three older boys and a 5-year-old. It's not necessarily something that should be high on your short list of places to go, but it's a pleasant and quick visit that was convenient for us.

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