13 February 2013

Moving On

So I've hardly been the most diligent blogger.  But I always blog more when I'm not living in the US or when I'm reading lots of new books, and neither of those are happening now, so it's quiet around here.

But.  We are planning on moving back overseas, somewhere, in the next few months, and certainly within the next 15 months.  It could be anywhere in the world and I cannot tell you how excited I am for that possibility.  And it will be with a real job that ships things.  A two-year supply of coconut milk and fish sauce?  Yes!  Unless we go to Thailand, in which case I will have the most wonderful two years of cooking ever.


  1. Hurray!! Have you done DC with your family yet? Please consider staying with us for a few days as it is a bit far for day trips and there's lots of free to do.

  2. That's so nice of you to offer, Marta. It is a long drive for a day trip, although we've gone up about once a month since we got here, although not really to be tourists much.

    We'll actually be moving to DC first, for at least a few months, so we'll finally get a chance to see everything. Maybe I can finally make it to one of your events then!