13 February 2013

Backyard Birds

My five-year-old got me a bird feeder for Christmas.  It took the birds a few weeks to find it, but for the last month we've enjoyed having birds out the window.  I don't have my own photos, but here are our most common visitors (besides the sparrows).

Blue Jay- I like the blue jays I see here better than the Stellar's Jays of the west coast.  Maybe it's just me, but they seem less obnoxious here.  And I like their look better.

Red-bellied woodpecker- I love to see woodpeckers at the feeder.  These birds are always nervous, it seems, looking up constantly.  Or maybe they're just looking for a hole near the roof to live.

Cardinal- How can you not feel more cheerful after seeing a cardinal out the window?  We have a male and female that make regular appearances.

Slate-colored junco- These come in groups of at least six, usually and hop all over the deck. 

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