03 January 2013

Shadow of Night

It feels like I spent the last six months trying to get through this book, even if it wasn't anywhere near that long.  In the first book of the trilogy it felt like the plot got lost sometimes in all the other stuff the author was trying to do, but this was one was far, far worse.  It felt like I caught only the faintest glimmers of the plot every so often.  I'm still not sure what the point of the book was, unless it's just about the relationship of the two main characters and I fear that really was the point. Their relationship was even more boring than the details about clothes, and that's saying something.  

So why did I finish?  It wasn't taxing at all, and that was nice over the holidays.  I kept hoping something like a plot would come together, although I was disappointed.  The author has some really interesting ideas, but she doesn't seem to write about them.  I'm not sure I'll give the last book a chance unless someone like Melissa tried it first and likes it.

1 comment:

  1. I felt like she spent the book saying: "HEY I'M A HISTORY PROFESSOR. LET ME SHOW YOU ALL I KNOW!" and didn't actually get around to a plot. That, and the sex was some of the least sexy I've read. I'll probably read the third one. Eventually.