29 January 2013

Burma Book

Here's my current list of what we've tried from Naomi Duguid's book on Burma. I thought the Kachin carp curry was a little boring, although I didn't have the sawtooth/culantro and I'm willing to believe that makes a difference; and I'm going to have to try the fermented soybean paste again in a few months because it needed to sit and ferment in a warm place which I don't have in the winter.  They molded rather than fermented.

I still have at least 15-20 recipes that I want to try.  

Fried shallots page 24
Shallot oil page 24
Fried garlic 25
Garlic oil page 25
Chile oil page 24
Dried shrimp powder page 30
Toasted chickpea flour page 32
Chopped roasted peanuts page 35
Chile-garlic sauce page 36
Spinach and tomato salad page 44
Succulent grapefruit salad page 45
Long bean salad with peanuts page 50
Roasted eggplant salad page 56
Carrot salad page 62
Fish cake salad with cabbage page 70
Silky Shan soup page 94
Chickpea soup with lemongrass and ginger page 97
Okra shallot stir-fry page 102
Tamarind pumpkin curry page 103
Simmered cabbage, Shan style page 116
Eggplant delight page 120
Easy coriander tomato omelet page 121
Golden egg curry page 122
Paneer in tomato sauce page 124
Pale yellow Shan tofu page 126
Deep-fried Shan tofu page 128
Fish cakes and fish balls page 133
Fluffy lemongrass fish page 138
Kachin carp curry page 142
Fish stew with aromatics page 145
Chile-oil fish page 152
Chicken in tart garlic sauce page 162
Standout tomato chutney page 206
Everyday cabbage-shallot refresher page 220
Peanut and rice porridge page 234
Perfumed coconut rice page 237
Egg noodles with pork in coconut sauce page 248
Shan village khaut swe page 266
Mandalay noodles with chicken curry page 270
Deep forest monklets' sticky rice cake page 279


  1. Thanks for the new suggestions.

  2. I love your cookbook reviews. I always try out my cookbooks from the library first and now I know what recipes I want to try first.