13 December 2012


So pants are the hot topic this week in some of my internet circles.  Or, more accurately for some, trousers.  Seems like an odd topic for everyone to get bothered about, but there it is.

I know this is getting spun as a protest by many people, and certainly for some people it is, but it's not for many people.  There is a difference because protesting (something I don't want to do in sacrament meeting) and supporting (something I want to do) even if the actions might appear similar.

If you happen to see a woman at church in pants, please don't automatically assume she's protesting anything and dismiss her attitude as inappropriate for sacrament meeting.  Maybe she's cold.  Maybe she's in nursery.  Maybe all her skirts are dirty.  Maybe she wants to see changes in our clothing expectations. Maybe she rode a bike to church.  Maybe she doesn't own a dress or skirt.  Maybe she likes pants.  Maybe she is trying to show support for something.  Maybe her pants look nicer than her skirts.  Maybe she's mad.  What does it matter?  She's still someone who showed up for church, and that means a lot.

It's simple for me to decide whether I'm wearing pants to church on Sunday.  Since I don't own any dress pants, I'm not*.  I will, however, be wearing a purple shirt (amazingly, I own one) because I want to show my support for anyone at church who doesn't fit the mold, who doesn't feel comfortable, who doesn't always say or do the right things, who's cold, or who's mad.  Even the mad people need someone to care.

I'll definitely be looking for the pants-wearers.  Because I'm a supporter of the pants-wearers.

*I could probably find the money and the time to buy some this weekend, but it's far more likely that I'd rather find the time and money to buy something more personally fulfilling.  Clothes are never that for me.  If I had to bring a well-written book or a delicious international meal to an event to show my support? Count me in.

Updated much later:
I did wear pants for this the next year since I finally had a pair of dress pants.  I wear them often now especially when I've traveling.  They're easy to wear in some places and less comfortable in others.


  1. Yay for pants. I'm wearing them. I started wearing pants to church on my organ Sundays about a month ago. My short skirts ride up and show my garments when I play the organ, and my long skirts trip up my feet on the pedals. Also, the church is always freezing. Also, my mother in law bought me a couple of pairs of really nice dress pants last year, and I really don't have a lot of other places to wear them. Also, I am a feminist, and I'm constantly biting my tongue at church so as to not offend my more conservative brothers and sisters. They don't extend the same courtesy to me, and I hear offensive things at church all the time. I think it's mostly out of ignorance, because they're all nice people. I want them to know I exist, and that I love church, and that I want it to be a place where I can belong even if I think or feel or look a little different from everyone else. And if by some amazing chance there's another Mormon feminist in my ward, I really hope she wears pants too, so I can meet her.

  2. That's a lot of great reasons to wear pants.

    I can't tell you how much I hope I find someone in my ward on Sunday who's wearing pants.

  3. ah, just catching up your blog (i'm so glad you are still here to catch up with!). i wore purple, too (skirt and sweater) because i don't own dress pants. when the one and only family of our ward walked in wearing pants i wish i had. but, i did have good talk with the mother and made a connection.

    all the anger and hatred about pants is so weird. but, i think it comes from "talking" over computers and not to real people. we project emotions onto the other side (hatred, bitterness, anger) that usually isn't even there.

    my favorite thing you said is "Maybe she's mad. What does it matter? She's still someone who showed up for church, and that means a lot."

    hope all is well with you!