01 December 2012

Ornaments and Nativities

We don't do much decorating for Christmas here because Christmas decor is just something else to move.  But we do have a box of ornaments and a box of nativities.  We always get an ornament each year, and we get nativities every so often when the mood is right.  Ornaments in particular are great for our family because I can always fix one more in the box, they're very lightweight, and they're great mementos. 

The nativities are a little trickier and I've even had to cut back on those to keep the most important ones in the box.  But we still have the ones that are the best.  My mother sent me this book last year which is another great way to see more nativities.

I think it would be fun to design my own nativity.  It would have some midwives and Anna in it too, and how about Elizabeth?  If we can put the three Wise Men in when they apparently didn't even make an appearance till long after Jesus' birth, then I vote we can find room for many more women in our traditional nativity scenes.

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