17 December 2012

Off My Mother's Tree

This photo should have gone up about a week ago since these are all older ornaments even if they haven't always been mine.  My aunt and uncle made the julehjerter at the top when I was younger.  My mother's ancestry is almost entirely Danish, so I like it because of that, and because it reminds my of the aunt and uncle, one of whom died a few years ago.

My sister made lots of the shell ornaments on the bottom when my mother switched to a more organized look for the Christmas tree.  As I remember the story, they'd decided on the design but hadn't been able to find shells that would work (no surprise in Utah before the internet), but we stumbled on some when we were visiting Florida.  It seems like they were in some touristy souvenir shop, but they were perfect and now there are many of these.  Enough that my mother was willing to share one with me a few years ago.

The other two ornaments are two more ways I benefited later from my mother's new tree style (I also got some of my grandmother's ornaments that I posted earlier).  They were on the tree when I was little and were favorites.  One summer our garage flooded and some of the Christmas decorations were damaged or ruined.  I remember worrying specifically about these.  They barely survived, and they're on my tree now.  My boys love them too.

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