10 December 2012

I think I've covered all the ornaments I had when I got married. My sister made us many ornaments the first Christmas we were married (well, technically the second, but since we got married right before Christmas, the second felt like the first one).  We were living across the country from the rest of the family and were lucky to have a tree at all, and these ornaments filled up the tree nicely.

These are the only two left now.  Some have broken when we've had hardwood floors, others were repurposed into ornaments my sons made after the tree started filling up with other ornaments.  My husband calls them the garter belt ornaments. 

I love having ornaments that remind me of people I care about.  It meant a lot to me that my sister would spend the time to make all of these and then ship them across the country.  It was the perfect gift.

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