14 December 2012

Homemade Ornaments

I only have a few ornaments that my boys have made.  They've often made lego or origami ornaments for the tree, but they never survive till the next year.  The balls are what we've kept from the ornament-making fest we had when we lived in Boise.  They were easy for the boys to make (just pour a little watered-down paint into a clear glass ornament, plug the hole, and shake) and they made them to give away for several years. 


  1. So is this really how your tree is decorated, with all the ornaments that are alike together? Or do you stage it for the photographs?

  2. No way is the tree like this. It was just less hassle to group them for the photos, and it's easier to post them too. And it helped to make sure I'd gotten them all too.