01 December 2012

Grandma Nisson's Ornaments

I've been meaning to take pictures of my Christmas tree ornaments for years so I'd at least have photos of them when I can't put them up, and I finally did it now.  This series of posts will be boring for you.  Sorry about that.

I'll do these in chronological order.  As usual, the photos aren't great, and it's even worse than usual on some of these because it's hard to take photos of groups of shiny things.

Anyway, these 6 ornaments were on my parents' tree while I was growing up and they were my mother's mother's tree before that.  I don't know where she got them, but I like having them on the tree since they were hers at some point.

On my parent's tree there also was a coveted blue glass ornament that was always hung high on the tree by someone responsible.  Since I'm the shortest in the family (and I'm not even short), I was way down the line for hanging it, but I got to one year.  It's not even that exciting an ornament- it's just blue.  But it's a tradition. 

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