12 December 2012

Boise Ornaments

These all are from when we lived in Boise.  That's probably been the place where we most felt like part of the community.  We built a house there 10 years ago, planning to stay for awhile (this is the biggest thing, I think). There were lots of people moving into the area but not really too many moving out.  We had neighbors with kids the ages of our kids. Our ward was wonderful and welcoming.  The spiders and the snowman are from all of these people.

And then my husband got laid off and we returned to our wandering ways.  We moved to another part of Idaho where the sons of two of our friends also happened to be moving to for college.  We had them over for dinner often and the mother of one of them sent us the ornament in the lower left corner just before he left on his mission.  It doesn't technically match our family anymore since we have our littlest now, but we had two children for so long and we have so many good memories of Boise, so this is one of my favorite ornaments.

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