13 November 2012


I knew I'd forgotten to blog about a book recently, but I could not remember the title of it (or much else, for that matter).  But today I was thinking about dust jacket covers that give away too much, I suddenly remembered enough to blog about.  I often don't read the dust jacket till I'm well into the book because they often give away too much at the beginning, but I read a little of this one, unfortunately.  In addition to getting a very basic fact about the book completely wrong, it also made no secret about a major plot point that isn't revealed till the very end of the book.  There's foreshadowing, yes, but I think it matters to the reader that you don't know that particular detail.

Anyway, it was a fine book, even if I can't think of the title.  I'll remember not to break my rule in the future of not returning books to the library till I've blogged about them.

And just in case you can help me, the book is about a brother and sister whose father was schizophrenic.  The sister's son, who is also mentally ill, dies in an accident at the beginning of the book.  The book largely about the brother and how he deals with the consequences of his nephew's death in all of their lives.

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