28 August 2012

Thinking Positively

In the spirit of trying to trick myself that I would rather be in the US than in Kyrgyzstan, here are some things I like about the US.  I will also try to refrain from posting drawbacks to these (like how much it costs to put gas in the car).

  1. Libraries.  This isn't as huge as it could be since we were able to use the library at one of the international schools in Bishkek and I could walk to it, but it's lovely to find a book I want to read and be able to get it from the library.
  2. Having our own car.  We'd have to have one where we live since bikes and walking aren't safe on the roads around our house and public transportation is really limited here, so that's not what I like about having a car.  It's being able to get out on the weekends.  I missed that a lot in Kyrgyzstan.  We could and sometimes did get a taxi, but it's not the same.  At all.
  3. Homeground whole wheat flour.  Despite many valiant attempts, I never found real whole wheat flour there (when we go back someday, I'm taking a grinder).  No more white flour for us!
  4. Lots of other nice ingredients.  I don't miss all the convenient ingredients while we're in Kyrgyzstan, but there are plenty of things in my kitchen now that I haven't seen in a long time.
  5. It's nice to go to church with other people.  
  6. Amazon Prime.  We'd never done it before, but since it's the only place I can find that has more than a few Mr. Rogers episodes, we signed up.  I like Mr. Rogers, but the free 2-day shipping is the best, especially since I don't have the car during the day. 
There are still some things, after nearly two months, that seem weird.  The vegetables here are glossy and slick (and slick-feeling) (and expensive).  I still think twice every time I get water from the tap.  The appliances are so convenient.  There are so many things everyone wants us to get and do.  But this is veering off into the reasons why I don't like the US (except for the clean water thing and the appliances), so I must stop.


  1. I have to say I didn't miss driving a lot. I kind of got use to the go downstairs and I'm in school habit. Now it takes me an hour by car and metro.

    But I do agree the food is a great plus on this side of the world.

    I've seen all sorts of recipes on your blog, but have you ever tried something latino (other than Mexican)?


  2. I've made a few things- empanadas, Cuban black beans, etc. But not much. I would LOVE to get some recipes from you, Clara.

    There was no part of me that wished for a car to get around Bishkek. I loved being able to walk everywhere or take a marshrutka. I really miss that right now.

  3. Since you are in the States any hope of catching this:

  4. Thanks! We'll have to try to get up there to see it.