06 August 2012

New City, New State, New (Old) Country

I think it's finally possible to start posting again.  We've spent the last month flying halfway around the world and then driving back across the US. (If you're wondering why we didn't just skip the drive and fly directly to the east coast, well, there aren't cousins on the east coast.  They're worth the drive.)  We have Internet access again so we can watch the Olympics and feel like we're connected with the rest of the world.

We still don't have our stuff that we stored in Seattle, but it's coming.  I'm looking forward to the washing machine so I can stop doing the laundry in the tub, my cast iron pan that can sort of stand in for a qazan, and my stone because I don't have a tandyr next door anymore.  The littlest one keeps asking for naan.  I'm missing laghman and I was even tacky enough to make laghman sauce and serve it with spaghetti tonight.  There was no way I was making the noodles too right now, especially while I just have a couple of camping pots.

I wish I were in Kyrgyzstan.  But I will try to be positive about Charlottesville. It's a pretty neat place too. And I am finally getting to the point where I don't want to cry in the produce aisle.  As long as it isn't Walmart.

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