06 August 2012

Living in the South

I've never lived in the southern US before, nor have I ever particularly wanted to because everyone talks about how hot it is here.  I'm mostly on the edge here though, although this is definitely the south (in other words, I don't live in a suburb of DC).  There are giant bags of collard greens at Walmart and everyone is so friendly.  It's got to be the south.  If I drank tea, I'd know for sure.

It actually hasn't been too terribly hot here so far (glad we didn't move a few weeks earlier). Sure, it's humid, and I haven't done that before, but I've spent my share of time in hot houses and apartments, so 80 and humid in the house doesn't feel any worse than 90 degrees inside in Tokmok.  I avoid going out in the middle of the day, but I had to do that in Tokmok too.  The layer of stickiness makes the fans feel better too. The A/C is in the kitchen so making dinner isn't too bad, and that's the worst part of the day. And it's already August, so summer is starting to wind down.  I'm pretty sure we'll get through the next 6 weeks without melting into oily little puddles.

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