21 August 2012

Every Last One

It turns out that there are a few good things about being back in the US and the library is one of them.  We've been in Charlottesville for three weeks and have been to three different libraries.  Two were in unique buildings, but the third is the most convenient even if its location is a little boring.  That one is also one of the larger libraries in the area, so I think we'll just be boring. 

And it turns out that libraries in the US have free wifi now, so I wandered around the library with Melissa's and Julie's blogs and started checking out all the books I missed in Kyrgyzstan.

Julie's reviews are much shorter than Melissa's, so I didn't know anything about this book when I started it.  It was obvious something not-so-happy was going to happen, but I wasn't expecting what did happen.  So it ended up being fiction about dealing with grief and I thought it was very well done.  It could easily have not worked, but it did.

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  1. That is one good way to check out books. Perhaps I need to get an e-reader/iPhone so I can do that...