09 August 2012

Cross Country

It'd been thirteen years since we'd driven across the country before we did it at the end of July.  We've driven all over the West in those thirteen years, but never gotten further east than the Rockies, at least in a car.  So it was fun to do it again, especially with the older boys because they either never have done it or certainly don't remember it.

We got caught in traffic a couple of times, mostly in Indianapolis and Charleston.  There was a combination of construction and an accident in Charleston that completely stopped the freeway for more than 30 minutes.  I'm not classy enough to avoid pointing out that we would have missed the accident entirely if we had left 5 minutes earlier that morning.  Four out of five family members were ready then. But the rest of West Virginia was lovely.  And it was all a little amusing.  Like that one marshrutka ride.

Everyone kept talking about how dry the Midwest was, but from my point of view, everything still looked pretty green.  My brother-in-law pointed out that we'd camped in Omaha on the hottest night it had ever had.  But the wind was blowing a bit so everything was okay since we were all sticky.  We weren't in the worst of the drought though, since we went through northern Illinois instead of staying on I-70 the entire way as would have been logical.  But cousins are more than worth it.  I think they were the only thing that got the littlest one through the whole thing.  

We saw about forty state license plates and 5 provinces.  I've seen Delaware and Connecticut since we've been here, so the only others we missed were Hawaii, Montana (we can't imagine we really missed that one, but no one could remember seeing it), South Dakota, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  The provinces were Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario.

We liked all the welcome centers and picked up all sorts of things for middle son (who doesn't get car sick) to read.  Virginia's was well-stocked and we took advantage of that.  More on that later.  There's so much to do here.

No photos though, since the camera wasn't charged most of the time and we only have a non-US cord for it right now.  But we were visiting people, not places, so if I had taken any pictures, they'd mostly have been from the car.

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