04 June 2012

Something to Love in Kyrgyzstan a Day: Tandyr Naan

Naan is a perennial theme on this blog and it's one of my favorite things in Kyrgyzstan.  Fresh bread is always wonderful, and tandoor bread is especially wonderful, but Central Asian naan is the best ever with its thick rim and stamped middle.  We lived across the street from a tandyr the first time we lived here, and a few blocks away in Tokmok.  I think the nearest one right now is about 2 blocks, but there are plenty of places around selling bread that we don't have just one place we buy it from.

Here's a post from last year that's related to naan, although not necessarily about it:

We spent a lot of the last few days waiting for some friends of ours to get married. The first scheduled date was Friday, but when we got to the mosque, we found out everything had been postponed till Sunday. So on Sunday afternoon we waited, and waited some more, but the wedding didn’t happen again. I couldn’t commit about two or three hours the wedding at that point, so my husband went for the third time on Monday. Success finally, even though it looked at the last minute that everything might fall apart again because the bride’s father, the wali, couldn’t be reached by cell phone. Apparently his earlier approval was good enough and the wedding was finalized.

We did have a good time on Sunday chatting with the neighbors, watching the hopeful couple bake lots of naan, checking out the end of the animal bazaar, people watching, and making plov outside in a qazan. It was worthwhile too, because my family’s hanging around for 5 hours made the neighbors curious and they all helped for the real wedding on Monday. This couple needs it.

See the chekich?  There are so many with cool designs at the bazaar.

I also decided that I shouldn't complain about my kitchen.  Their house has no stove and just two low tables for food prep.  And the requisite buckets.  I at least have a nice, airy kitchen with three not-so-low tables.  And a stove and oven.  And buckets.  I was jealous of their spigot outside though, because it had a drain.  I am developing drain envy since the only drain in our house that either both exists and works well is the one in the bathroom sink.  I had no idea there even was such a thing as drain envy.

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