23 June 2012

Something to Love in Kyrgyzstan a Day: Birds

I did hoopoes on their own at the beginning of the month, but since the month is rapidly winding down, I thought I'd do all the other birds I like here in one post.

Some of the interesting to me birds are only interesting because I've mostly lived in the western hemisphere instead of the eastern.  But since I'm an American, I rave over the rooks and cuckoos, and not just the Central Asian birds.  The rooks are everywhere.  The cuckoos are noticeable in the spring.  I heard one this spring and it immediately reminded me of Tokmok where we had a cuckoo living near our house for weeks.  Let's just say I understood the name much better after that.

Mostly there are sparrows and doves and pigeons in Bishkek, but there are also a lot of great tits and mynahs.  The tits are pretty little birds, and I like to listen to the mynahs.  I also love the wagtails even though they aren't really common in Bishkek.

I really didn't see that many birds while I was here, at least to identify, even though I was always paying attention.  I'd see birds I didn't know when we were driving places, but I didn't have any way to find out what they were.  One of the few I managed to identify while we were out and about were the red-headed buntings.

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