22 June 2012

Something to Love in Kyrgyzstan a Day: Dungan Culture

When we lived here the first time, I was just barely aware of Dungans in Kyrgyzstan, but since Tokmok has a significant Dungan population, I was able to learn a little more about the culture last year.  We had quite a few Dungan neighbors on our street in addition to Uzbeks/Uyghurs. 

Jusay, funchyoza, laghman, lazy, and ashlyamfu are just a few of the Dungan foods or ingredients I love.  It's also nice to know that you can get spicy (at least, spicy for Kyryzstan) food in a Dungan restaurant.

This is the Dungan mosque in Karakol.  It's a little over 100 years old

One of our best experiences was going to a Dungan wedding.

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